Another Saturday and Time to Hope To It!

I don't know about you but sometimes, for me, it seems that time is just zipping by while I am stuck in one spot. I think I finally actually remembered to get into the pet hop and also got the code. We'll find out. I have been working so hard on a book about animals and in particular, a greyhound and her friends, that I haven't had much time to connect with other people who love animals. My closest brush with interacting with animals this week came when I pulled into the yard two nights ago and almost ran over my friend Elvis (he is a young porcupine that seems to think he's human).

Elvis and his friend were in front of the door where I usually park my car. We had a chat and he promised not to do that again. They are so dark and just a round ball, so they don't show up very well at night.

As for the Lacey's book, I am on the third proof, 30th re-write (or so it seems) and it doesn't look like her story will be out on the 1st of November as I'd hoped. On the other hand, when it is ready, hopefully in about a week, it should be worth the wait. The next problem, of course, is how to present it to the world? Greyhound lovers will probably be interested, but there are a lot of other people who would like a good story about animals and people who have adventures and romance, but how to tell them about it.

Who knows, perhaps a new book hop? Hmm, we'll have to look into that. Then again, I'd have to remember it, wouldn't I. For now, I am happy to finally be part of the pet hop and look forward to spending some time hopping around and visiting the different blogs and reading the interesting things you all write.


  1. I think a lot of dog people will be interested, at least based on the response when we mentioned it on our blog. Many aspects of dog ownership are universal, regardless of breed. There's a Greyhound book group on Facebook that could help you promote it, it's called How2books. Are you active on Dogster at all? I think they have a forum where you could mention the book, too.

    Since you plan to publish it in ebook format, I know that the nook board I'm on has a place for authors to mention their books and I think the Kindle board does too, but I'm not active there.

    I can't wait to see it! :)

  2. Any place the book can be mentioned will help. The forums are good and also, of course social networks. I hope that it will help to make people think about the lives of animals and how their interaction with us two legged animals has such a dramatic effect on them, both good and bad.