Why tell a greyhound story?

The story of greyhounds, or dogs, is pretty much the story of the human race. Everything about us, the good and bad, is reflected in our relationships with our animals. They are like a mirror held up for the world to see all that's good and bad about the human race. In Lacey's story there are many kinds of people. There is fear, loneliness, anger, cruelty, generosity, selflessness, joy, love.

But people already know that dogs are subject to our human frailties and moods, our good moments and bad moments, why tell it again? The books, "Black Beauty," and "Beautiful Joe," told stories about animals.

Those stories changed the world, especially the world that animals live in. Do you live in the same world that your greyhound lives in? The answer is yes and no. Humans have more control over their world and also the world of their pets.

Dogs have no voice to speak for themselves. They are not unionized or organized. There is still plenty of violence and cruelty in the world and they, our best friends, are subject to a lot of it. The news is filled with reports of the uncertain world that animals live in.

"Lacey Blue and Friends," is meant to tell an entertaining, sometimes even humorous story, but the message is clear. There is still too much abuse and violence. We need more adoptions and more compassion for our four legged partners in this world. While most humans are kind by nature, there are still a few that are cruel.

Sometimes, the best way to change the world is by telling a parable or story with a moral. The abovementioned books, and "Uncle Tom's Cabin," changed the world forever. So while it is good to have factual accounts and reports to let us know what is happening, fiction can be a powerful tool to make the world a better place and that is the goal of Lacey's story. Once you've read the story, you'll understand. Please help me to share the story by passing this along.


Thursday Blog Hop

If you read Lacey's scathing review (above) of my bumbling attempts to get the manuscript fit for publishing, you probably know that I'm not known for getting things right the first or even the second time around.

With the motto, "Get it right the third time," in mind, I did manage to remember the Thursday Blog Hop and here I am.

I really don't know why I'm so slow, but I am. Maybe it has something to do with all the books I read or the fact that I am a chronic daydreamer. I like to think of myself as a consciousness explorer, but some people have opined that I might just be a goof-off.

Whatever the case may be, I did manage to remember this blog hop today and I think I even got it right this time.