The Lacey Blue Series About Animals and Animal Issues - Fiction

Book #2

The second book in the Lacey Blue series is now available at Amazon in paperback  or Kindle.  Lacey Blue and the Rejects is set in the Great Desert of the American Southwest. It's a story about an unwanted child and her animal friends finding a forever home. When Meg dies in a car accident, but is then revived, she is changed forever. She now has the ability to talk to and understand animals.

Meg is a ward of the state and has never known her own mother or what it feels like to be loved. Because she keeps running away and is arrested for shoplifting, Meg is ordered to perform community service work at an animal shelter on a ranch. Being shuffled from foster home to foster home has left Meg with a heart as hard as flint, but when she starts to hear the animal's stories her hardened heart begins to soften. She soon forms a bond with Lacey Blue, a retired greyhound, and other animals she meets in her work.

Then her world is turned upside down when she learns that animals are disappearing. When the evil men who are stealing the animals find out that she is on to them they chase her into the desert. But Meg isn't alone, she has Lacey, Dusty a retired race horse, Shiplap, a cat who thinks he's a pirate, and his long suffering sister, Nadine to help her.

While they hide in the desert, trying to avoid the men who wish to silence her, the Rejects Club begins to make plans for a forever home. Unfortunately, they aren't exactly sure what a home is all about. Then the net tightens and once again, they are forced to flee with several close calls.

Finally, Meg and Lacey must overcome their fear in order to rescue their friends. Meg must face the evil men and somehow figure out a way to stop them. This fast paced supernatural adventure will keep you turning pages until the exciting conclusion.

Book # 1

You can order my book Two different ways.  But before you order a copy or copies, maybe you'd like to know more about it.  The paperback version is 5" x 8" and 234 pages long.  It's a book that can be enjoyed by a wide range of ages.  It is meant to be entertaining while also raising awareness about adoption, animal rights, and the prevention of cruelty to animals.  I hope readers will find it fun to read as well as uplifting and inspiring.

I've added a page with a description, excerpts, and also a page with a list of the characters.

One of the reasons I wrote this book was because I care so deeply about the animal abuse, such as dog fighting, that is going on in our world.

I did write about these issues in the book and hope to bring more public awareness while also entertaining the reader. Why not just write a non-fiction book about such serious topics? There are plenty of good non-fiction books and articles about animal abuse, animal rights, etc. There are more ways to inform and enlighten, however, than just reporting the facts or editorializing, though I am certainly not criticizing either of those methods.

Non-fiction books can also be powerful tools for social change. The book, "Black Beauty," by Anna Sewell, is an example of a book that changed the world. It was a fictitious autobiography of a horse and helped to change the laws of Great Britain while also raising the consciousness of the whole country. Another good example is, "Beautiful Joe," by (Margaret) Marshall Saunders. It was a work of fiction based on a real dog. It was the first book written in Canada to sell over 1 million copies.

While I'm not in the same class as those great writers, I do hope that Lacey Blue's book will make some people think more about our human - animal interaction. I also hope they will find it inspiring and fun to read.
Now I guess I better get back to work on the next book in the Lacey Blue series. You can read more about Lacey below...

The photos you see of me are by permission of Matthew and Carrie Noar, the humans who live with Blueberry, aka Reward Terry the real life model for Lacey Blue.  You can read more about me at Tales and Tails