Hi, here's a list of characters you will find in my story. Naturally I started with the stars first (non-human animals). Then, just in case anyone is interested, I also included the supporting characters, the human animals.

Lacey Blue Days (Little One)
A female greyhound. The star of the story. She is a rare gray color with a blue tint to it.
She is small, but what she lacks in size, she makes up for in spirit. Called "Little One" by
her mother, Queenie. Lacey has many friends and many adventures both on and
off the race track. She is very busy taking care of the humans in her life.

Lacey's Family..................................................
Lacey's mother. Queenie was born in Ireland and has traveled all over the US. She retired
from racing to raise several litters. She is a very good mom.

Lacey's father. Not much is known about Doc, other than the fact that he was a champion. Lacey lives with her mother and is raised by her.

Queenie's Litter...

Lacey Blue

Lacey's brother, a black and white male greyhound
the biggest of the litter and likes to wrestle.

Lacey's sister, a fawn female who likes to sleep.

Lacey's brother, black and white, smaller than Wrestler
and nips when Wrestler gets too tough.

Lacey's sister. A fawn female known for feeding the longest and
having the fattest belly.

Other characters..................................................

A large brindle male greyhound. Retired from racing and as his name implies
he is always alert and reliable. Lives with Ryan, a greyhound trainer.

A large black and white male greyhound. Retired from racing and lives
with Ryan. Smokey is a lovable clown who refuses to take life seriously.

A large male greyhound. King starts his racing career at the same
time Lacey and her littermates begin.

A black female greyhound. Large for a female and wants to be the alpha
female. She and Lacey are rivals.

A large male greyhound who races against Lacey.

A large male greyhound who also races against Lacey.

A red fawn male greyhound. Retired from racing, he lives with Dr. Maria Martinez,
the vet. A playmate of Lacey's who visits Ryan with Dr. M.

A white female greyhound who retired from racing. She lives with Dr. Maria, too.
A playmate of Lacey's who visits Ryan with Dr. M.

A female greyhound that started racing the same time that Lacey did. She and
Lacey are friends. Rosy is a brindle female.

The Gang........................................................

The gang are four dogs who live with Mary and help her on her wildlife rehabilitation ranch.

Great Dane that was abandoned at a truck stop in Tucson. Mary adopted him.

An Australian Shepherd who collects humans. Max is blind in one eye, but very sharp.

A German Shepherd/Lab mix. Trouble is the tough guy of the gang. He has
shredded ears and a scarred muzzle to prove it. He is protective and ready for trouble.

Nosy is a female Pug/Chihuahua mix who, as the name implies, is very nosy and
always poking her nose into everyone else's business. She also always thinks she
is the biggest dog in the room.

Purebred Plott Hound. From the East Coast shipped in by Tony D. Loyal, fast,
strong, fearless.

Buck's brother, also shipped in and with the same characteristics. Finds Buck's
need to tree other animals interesting. Clyde just wants to catch them.

A Wolfhound/Pit Bull mix used for hunting in the desert by Tony D.

A Wolfhound/Pit Bull mix, fast and deadly, sometimes used for hunting and
sometimes for fighting.

A young greyhound who keeps dislocating toes. Ryan, his owner/trainer, decides
to retire him.


One-eyed tom cat who lives with George Potter. Thinks that it is his place and George lives with him.

El Tigre Negro (Terrible)

El Tigre Terrible'
Three hundred Pound Jaguar who enters the United States through the Sonoran Desert.  He has been hunted and chased from Central America where he was a man-eater. Hates dogs and kills them whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Based on real jaguars that have been found in the Amercian Southwest.  You can read about them here.


Retired thoroughbred race horse (gelding) that Mary rescued from a truck that was bound for a slaughter
house in Mexico. Known for rolling on the ground and raising a dust cloud.

The bay, retired race horse (gelding) with whom Alicia Martinez planned to win the Equestrian Olympics.


Alicia Martinez
19 years old. Sister of Dr. Maria Martinez. Lives in LA with parents. Disabled after
horse riding accident.

George Potter
Prospector who lives in the desert. One of Lacey's humans. Friend of Mary.

Kate Harper
Beautiful redheaded wildlife biologist. Mid twenties. Works with her father studying
jaguars and big cats.

Dr. Maria Martinez, DVM
Veterinarian who works at the local greyhound race track. She works very hard for her
patients and will not tolerate animal cruelty. Has adopted two greyhounds.

Luis Martinez
Father of Alicia and Dr. Maria.

Runs the local adoption agency for greyhounds.

Mary is from Ireland and loves animals. She is a wildlife rehabilitator who lives in the
desert at her small ranch. She also takes in domestic animals that no one wants.
Strong supporter of animal rights and activist against dog fighting.

Professor Noah "Hoppie" Harper
Somewhat flamboyant wild life biologist who is studying big cats in Arizona,
a project funded by the University., Father of Kate Harper. Noah wears a bush
outfit complete with Aussie hat.

Rosa Martinez
Mother of Alicia and Dr. Maria.

A twenty four year old greyhound trainer. Owns Lacey Blue, Ranger, and Smokey.
Ryan loves dogs and understands adoption issues because he was a foster child.
Owner of the Big R kennel.

Tony D.
Friend of Ryan, who grew up in foster homes with Ryan. He was a protector and
like a big brother. Tony D. is now suspected of being a smuggler and criminal. Owns greyhounds and uses them to hunt coyotes. Suspect in local dog fighting ring.