Lacey's Story

Lacey Blue, the greyhound, is so small, Mama calls her Little One. What Lacey lacks in size, however, she more than makes up for with her intelligence and heart. After a short but successful racing career that ends dramatically, she begins a series of adventures with various owners that will push her to the very limits. Along the way, Lacey makes many friends and a few enemies. There are many greyhounds, dogs, several retired thoroughbreds, and a cat or two in this story.

Both Lacey and her humans find love and danger in this heartwarming fantasy/adventure/romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you love animals, adventure, or romance, you'll love Lacey's story.

From the fast paced action on the race track where triumph and tragedy are just hundredths of a second apart, to the couch where she spends her happy days snuggling with her owners, Lacey lives a full life. When you have to earn your supper by being fast and tough however, being the smallest dog at the track is no joke. Lacey must rely on her own wits and strength as well as the lessons she learned from Mama.

When her racing career ends, she finds that life is no easier and a whole new set of challenges and obstacles must be met. No matter what life throws at her, Lacey remembers Mama's words, "Always do your best..."

Set in the American Southwest, this story of love and adventure demonstrates why dogs are considered man’s best friend. Some of Lacey’s friends are her couch mates, Ranger and Smokey, two retired racers. Some of her human friends are Ryan, the young trainer, Dr. Maria, Lacey’s vet, and Ali her sister. Ryan and Ali make a perfect couple, but fate seems to keep them apart, despite the best efforts of Dr. Maria, Ranger, and Smokey.

While time is running out for Ryan and Ali, Lacey finds, whether she is on the track or off it, there is always a race to run as she tries to find her forever home.

During her adventures, Lacey and her four-legged friends face the same dangers and experiences that dogs face in real life including, greyhound racing, dog fighting, and hunting. Through it all the intricate relationships between Lacey and her humans reveal how well dogs understand us and how little we really know about them.